bothy wine stopper gifts for wine lovers, hand crafted gifts and homeware from Scotland

Buying The Perfect Wine Gift

Buying gifts for wine lovers is not easy.

As the name suggests, they love the stuff, so bunging a bottom shelf special offer rosé in to a well-used gift bag won’t endear them to you.

Buying wine is a minefield for the uninitiated, so stay away from something that is likely to show you for the Lambrini guzzling charlatan you are.   Gifts for Wine Lovers can be thoughtful and quirky.

Here are the top five Tigermoth picks guaranteed to keep you on the wine lovers  Christmas card list for another year.

Beautiful Handmade Wine Stopper

Ok, I for one do not have the will power to stop at one glass but I will have to assume that there are human beings out there operating on a higher plane than I. This cute bothy wine stopper with sustainably sourced cork will keep their tipple in top condition until they are ready to savour the rest of that bottle.  Available in 9 colours.  Made by the now defunct Glenshee Pottery  so grab one while they last.

Wine Tasting Gift Vouchers

This is one gift that will really earn you some brownie points. I bought this one Christmas for the hubster and to my detriment he is now a complete wine snob. So buyers beware! I particularly love these guys as lunch is usually thrown in.

Stemless Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set

So you and I tend to open a bottle of red  straight from the cupboard and pour into a large wine glass yes? Well apparently the Wine Lovers don’t. They use a gadget which aerates the wine which saves on the decanting. This won’t stop a fuzzy head the next day, but it will definitely be a conversation piece the evening before. There a fair few on the market now, ranging from under £10 to the silly prices that do the same job. I really like this one from UncommonGoods, as it can also be used with whisky…

Wine Bottle Wrap

Trust me, wine lovers will appreciate this. Obviously they will already have the wine fridge in place with the Starwars ligting but when they have to go mobile this little bit of kit will be worth its weight in gold. These wraps are placed on the wine bottle allowing it to  chill or warm as needed.  Imagine how smug they will feel arriving at a dinner party with a perfect Pinot Noir? These little life savers are available from any decent, self respecting department store and are usually priced under £10.

Champagne Bucket

Ok, this is flash, but so, so gorgeous! Whether you are a Champagne, Cava or Aldi Prosecco kind of gal,  how good do bubbles look in a silver bucket? Wine Lovers may well have one, but do they have one as swanky as this?

If you are still not sure if any of these goodies tick the boxes  then do  have a look at the newly arrived Butterfly carafe. These are pretty much multifunctional, ideal for water, breakfast juice or a lovely chilled white as you try to grab the last of the summer sun.